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We build websites that convert

A good website must sell the product or the service in the best way and reassure the visitors so they choose to become customers. Furthermore, it must ensure that the visitor can navigate easily and intuitively. Our knowledge on how to build reassuring websites that are easy to navigate is unique.

In other words, when you let Online-Results do the work, you will get a website that converts.

Our knowledge ensures your company crucial market shares

When you buy your website from Online-Results, it is based on comprehensive tests, research and experience. This stems from our mission of wanting to be the market’s best builders of websites that give our customers the highest possible amount of sales.

Prices anyone can afford

At Online-Results we believe in long term collaborations with our customers. That’s why ‘Prices anyone can afford’ is the common denominator for all our products – in spite of our high quality and comprehensive know how. Get a quote on a new website at +45 70 302 402.

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We build websites with the one purpose of increasing the conversion rate of your digital marketing. It is not unusual that we double our customers’ conversion rate. If your conversion rate doubles, you can halve your marketing costs – alternatively double the amount of customers without increasing your budget.

We are ready to give you a strong quote for your new website that can get you more customers online. Call us at +45 70 302 402.

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At Online-Results we have many different collaboration models. We have well developed concept models that include everything – from a sharp focus on making the website convert, over photo selection, hosting to copywriting by professional copywriters. We are also happy to customise a website product for you, based on your unique requirements.

Online-Results employ some of the industry’s most skilled copywriters that write appealing and compelling texts – texts that effectively sell your products and services. Our copywriters are all educated within language and communication and have many years of experience in writing for the web

Praise from our customers

See what our customers think of us

Tripled amount of bookings!

Due to my enthusiasm for Online-Results, I hired them to build my new website. That turned out to be the best thing I have ever done. It turned out super good and we have approximately tripled our bookings!

Anders Kolding

Fast service, great result

When my company needed a new website, I contacted Online-Results and we quickly saw which way to go in order to get a simple, clean and great website. Our expectations was met 100 %, and it is just an extra plus that they work really fast – only positive recommendations from us.

Thomas Kristiansen

Very satisfied

Have gotten a new website with Danish and English texts. Think the whole process was good and am very satisfied with my website and the translation. I can easily recommend Online-Results.

Bo Rasmussen

Responsive design

  • Desktop, tablet, smart phone

    We have a thorough knowledge of what it takes to make your website work optimally – depending on whether it is seen on a tablet, desktop or smart phone. All trends point towards visits from especially smart phones, but also tablets, constituting a still larger part of website traffic in the world. This makes it more important than ever that your website converts equally well from different types of units – and we have the recipe for this. Contact us at +45 70 302 402 to hear more.

  • We know code

    Online-Results is one of the leading SEO agencies in Denmark. When we produce websites, the code and the structure is based on our unique knowledge of the factors that make a difference in getting your website to the top of Google.


When we design a new website, we always set up goal tracking. This provides you with insight into the users’ behaviour on your website and tells you how your customers find you. This way you always have an overview of which marketing measures that work.


A well-functioning website will help you get to the top of Google. It is clear that Google’s algorithms reward websites, where the users have a good experience – among other things indicated through a low bounce rate and a high average session length. That’s why a high conversion rate doesn't just contribute to making better use of the traffic, but also increases the traffic. In other words, there are only advantages to creating a user-friendly website – including when seen from an SEO perspective.


If you have a website with thin content, high bounce rate and low average session length it will affect your AdWords campaigns – reflected in the so-called ‘Quality Score’. The Quality Score is the factor that determines a given keyword’s price and position, when you advertise through Google Adwords. The higher the Quality Score, the better prices and positions you get.

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Are you content with your current website and website agency, but would like to increase the conversion rate? We can review your website and create a report describing elements that can be optimised in order to increase your conversion rate. Learn more about conversion optimisation at +45 70 302 402.


We can find the photo material for your website – or work with your own material. We have highly skilled partners in all of Denmark that can shoot fantastic photos and videos for your new website. We know what a significant role photos play in your website’s ability to generate customers; and that’s why you will get the best possible advice when working with Online-Results on your new website.

Who are we?

Online-Results A/S

We are a strong team of experts in digital marketing in Scandinavia. We take pride in keeping a sharp focus on our customers’ needs. Our unique knowledge ensures that your company succeeds online in Scandinavia.

Online Results

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+45 70 302 402

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Børsen Gazelle 2015

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Why choose us?

  • We are one of the best and most experienced teams in Scandinavia
  • All your digital marketing with one agency
  • We are dedicated to create success for your business
  • We have a thorough knowledge of best practice across platforms and media

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We are ready to help you with all aspects of digital marketing. Contact us for a free quote at +45 72 402 402.

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Get digital success

We know how to create traffic and how to turn traffic into customers.

Public or private

We create digital success for public as well as private organisations.

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