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We help you get top rankings on the search engines in Scandinavia

Why is Online-Results one of Scandinavia’s best SEO agencies?

SEO, which is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, is all about knowledge. Knowledge of the aspects that affect your website’s ranking on Google. Online-Results has a unique insight into the essential aspects.

One of the most knowledgeable teams in Scandinavia

Online-Results has gathered a strong team consisting of some of the most experienced and successful SEO specialists in Scandinavia. In short, our team knows how to get top rankings on Google in Scandinavia.

SEO should be a good investment

We have great respect for our customers’ businesses and we know that SEO must provide a good return. That’s why we do our utmost to ensure that SEO gives our customers a good return on investment. Read more about why Search Engine Optimization is a good investment.

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Why choose SEO with Online-Results?

SEO done right

Online-Results is dedicated to SEO done right (so-called White Hat SEO). This means that Online-Results work responsibly with SEO to prevent our customers from being banned by Google, which can have disastrous consequences. Online-Results address the task of being your SEO partner with the greatest possible responsibility and we do our utmost to ensure that you get the largest possible return on investment from your Scandinavian SEO.

Engaging content on your website

Good content on your website is crucial in order to achieve good rankings. We have gathered some of Scandinavia’s best copywriters specialised in writing for the web. When we address an SEO assignment, experienced and competent copywriters write the content for your website. We also work with highly skilled translators that know not only how to translate, but also how to adapt content culturally.

Get rankings on the right keywords

SEO is often a highly profitable investment for companies and finding the right keywords can often multiply the profits or the return on investment. Online-Results has the competency and experience needed to find the perfect keywords for our customers, and when working on your SEO solution we will happily help you find the right keywords too.

Structured SEO with quality control

Based on many years of experience in getting our customers top rankings on the search engines, Online-Results’ team of SEO specialists has developed a long list of areas that must be checked and corrected in order to achieve top rankings. Each individual SEO specialist reviews, and if necessary corrects, all the areas in order to ensure that each customer gets a consistent and quality controlled product. This also ensures that all customers get the most for their money.

Is your website coded correctly?

Correct coding of your website is essential for getting top rankings. Online-Results has one of Scandinavia’s best teams of programmers specialised in SEO. Our programmers review your site and correct it insofar as it is possible and necessary for achieving top rankings.

Analysis of the structure of your website

Our team of specialists reviews the structure and navigation of your website to ensure that the pages that must be found can be found by the search engines.

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SEO is about having better insight than the competitors

SEO never happens in a closed room – it is always a competition between the companies in your industry. Online-Results constantly work on discovering competitive advantages for our customers without compromising Google’s guidelines.

Why is SEO with Online-Results cheaper than with most of our competitors?

Online-Results is dedicated to best practice online marketing. We work hard to understand what it takes for our customers to succeed. Based on the team’s extensive experience, we aim to hit the perfect balance between workload and maximized profits.

Online-Results monitors your results

Your consultant continuously monitors the development in your SEO rankings, as we know that a drastic fall in traffic can lead to catastrophic consequences. We monitor your rankings in order to take advantage of positive tendencies and react immediately on negative developments.

Is it enough to have top rankings?

Successful and profitable SEO is not just about having top rankings on the search engines. It is also about being the result that gets most clicks. This means that the site’s title tag and meta description should be optimized both for top rankings, but also for inviting potential customers to click it. The copywriters at Online-Results tailor the so-called snippet texts to achieve the highest possible click-through-rate (CTR).

We check for duplicate content

If the content on your site is repeated, it can cause very serious problems and prevent top rankings. The problems can be onsite or offsite, depending on where your copied texts are. Online-Results checks for duplicate content both onsite and offsite and solve any related problems.

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Large brands and newly started companies – ALWAYS solutions that match your budget!

SEO for companies of all sizes in all industries – we have the right solutions for the largest companies, as well as small companies. In short, we have a solution that matches exactly your company, your strategy and your budget – contact us today at +45 70 302 402.

Offsite SEO

In order for Google to understand the content on your website and the relevance of it, an essential parameter is to see how and in which contexts your company is mentioned in the internet. When Online-Results work with SEO, we also work on creating a clear offsite picture of what your company stands for, which competencies it has - in short creating a strong image for your company.

Offsite SEO never stops – neither do we

Offsite SEO is not a one-time affair. This means that Online-Results continuously work on strengthening your company’s reputation online.

Updates of algorithms

If you have just a slight interest in SEO, you will often come across terms such as Google’s Panda update, Penguin update, Pigeon update and Hummingbird update.

Some updates are created to target sites that try to cheat Google into better rankings; some updates are about giving Google’s users a better experience. In short the parameters for what you need to do – and must not do – in order to get top rankings are changed continuously.

Online-Results has a large team of dedicated SEO specialists that continuously work on understanding Google’s stream of updates and use these to our customers’ advantage.

Affordable, competitive SEO

Well over 200 factors are decisive for your rankings on Google. One of the reasons for Online-Results’ great success is our team of SEO specialists’ unique insight into which factors should be optimized to assure that our work is as profitable as possible for our customers. In other words, SEO is about creating the perfect balance between workload and benefits. That’s why we can offer result oriented SEO in Scandinavia at prices anyone can afford.

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We see SEO as on-going business. This is, among other things, because SEO always is about being better off than your competitors are – and since it is very likely that they also work proactively with SEO, it is necessary to work continuously with SEO to gain ground. That’s why we believe that the right thing to do is to offer SEO as a subscription service.

  • Attractive payment model

At Online-Results, we offer our customers to pay for our SEO services in monthly installments. This ensures that your costs follow the return on your investment.

We have solutions suited for any company in any industry

Online-Results offers result oriented SEO solutions that are suited for the great majority of companies in all industries. We can also custom make solutions to fit any company’s needs for workload, guarantees, insights, learning etc. Contact us today and get a quote for a Scandinavian SEO solution for your company.

Reporting & evaluation

Online-Results knows that the need for SEO reporting is individual and will adjust the set up for you to receive exactly the amount and type of reporting you require. The starting point for all solutions is a report of your keywords’ rankings at the beginning of our work, which is updated monthly to describe the current rankings of your keywords. We also set up Google Analytics goals, Google Search Console etc. in order to create the best starting point for evaluating the solution and its value.

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SEO on Google, Bing etc.

Google is by far the most popular search engine in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia, and we optimise against this when working with SEO. However, a great many SEO factors are identical when it comes to other search engines in Scandinavia. A site, which is optimised towards and ranks well on Google, will often also have good results on other search engines such as Bing.

We are ready to answer your questions

If you want to learn more about how Online-Results work with SEO in Scandinavia or you want a quote, we are ready to get you two steps ahead. Call us for a good price on SEO or to get your questions answered at +45 70 302 402.

Google Partner

Google Partner

Online-Results A/S is a certified Google Partner

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Bing Certificeret Partner

Online-Results A/S is a certified Bing Partner

Who are we?

Online-Results A/S

We are a strong team of experts in digital marketing in Scandinavia. We take pride in keeping a sharp focus on our customers’ needs. Our unique knowledge ensures that your company succeeds online in Scandinavia.

Online Results

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Why choose us?

  • We are one of the best and most experienced teams in Scandinavia
  • All your digital marketing with one agency
  • We are dedicated to create success for your business
  • We have a thorough knowledge of best practice across platforms and media

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We are ready to help you with all aspects of digital marketing. Contact us for a free quote at +45 72 402 402.

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