Search Engine Optimisation – a good investment

Search engine optimisation – an investment in the future

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO is often one of the most profitable investments a company can make (Source: Forbes).

Below we have gathered a wide range of good reasons to invest in search engine optimisation, but we also try to give you a thorough understanding of the kind of investment you make, when you invest in search engine optimisation.

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Visible when potential customers are looking for your services or products

Search engine optimisation is one of the best marketing methods for getting customers. It is a basic condition that if you are searching for ‘attorney Copenhagen’, it is because you are looking for a local attorney in the area of Copenhagen, and if you search for ‘robot vacuum cleaner’, then you are looking for a robot vacuum cleaner.
There is no other media, where you get so close to potential customers.
Search engine optimisation is about making sure that potential customers land on exactly YOUR website, when they are looking for products and competences that YOUR company offer.

The traffic is at page 1

Search engine optimisation is all about getting your keywords onto page 1. On average 71.33 % of the users click on a result on page 1, while 5.59 % find a result on page 2-3. If your company manages to get onto page 1 for your core competences or products, you will win considerable market shares.

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67 % click on a result in top 5

As many as 67.6 % will click on a result among the first five.

If your search engine optimisation manages to lift your rankings for specific keywords, a lift of just one position will often be noticeable in your order book and on your net results.

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Search engine optimisation – where the traffic is

As a rule of thumb we have always maintained that 2/3 click on the natural results and 1/3 click on the AdWords campaigns. However, larger studies often show an even higher rate in favour of the organic results. 76 % of the clicks that happen on a search engine goes to the organic results – that is the results you optimise in relation to search engine optimisation (Source: Moz).

The trust is higher

86 % of the users say that they trust the organic results more than the ads.

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Great competitive advantage

On average companies invest 89 % of their budget in paid search and only 11 % in search engine optimisation (Source: Hubspot).

What to choose – AdWords or search engine optimisation?

The short answer is that you should focus on AdWords if that is a good investment and on SEO if that is where the return is best. That means you should place your money where the return is highest.

In most cases, it is a good investment to be present in both places. Most studies show that there is no cannibalism between the organic results and the ads. On the contrary, most studies show that there is a positive synergy – in the sense that potential customers prefer results, where they can find a given company at the top of the organic results as well as in the top of either the Google AdWords results or the Bing Ads results.

Long-term investment

It is both a strength to search engine optimisation, but also something it is important to be aware of when investing in search engine optimisation. Good search engine optimisation takes time, and the curve of return will rise proportionally over time. That’s why search engine optimisation should be seen as a long-term investment. If you need an investment with a quick return, you should buy top positions through Google AdWords or Bing Ads campaigns instead.

How long should you wait for top rankings?

As mentioned, you should view search engine optimisation as a long-term investment. A standard answer is 3-6 months, but that being said we have seen examples of websites getting top rankings after just 5-6 days. However, we have also seen examples of websites that take up to 24 months to perform fully and a few examples of websites that never perform satisfactorily, in spite of all sails being set in order to get the site to the top and help our customer break even on the investment. That’s why search engine optimisation should be viewed as a high-risk investment. If you are looking for a secure investment, choose paid advertising instead, such as Google AdWords.

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Ongoing Business

When investing in search engine optimisation it is important to be aware that it is an ongoing investment. Search engine optimisation is a never-ending process. There will always be competitors trying to take over your attractive rankings and this means that there is a constant need to be better than they are.

Search engine optimisation is an investment in your property

Search engine optimisation is an investment in optimisation of something that you own yourself. Your website – your domain – belongs to you and when you invest in Google AdWords or similar, no value is added to your property. Investing in SEO, the improvements made on the site belongs to you.

Increase your credibility

When users find your company on page 1, most people will subconsciously attribute more credibility to this business. Google is telling the users that this company is important within this industry or in the line of these products – and so it must hold some truth. Good rankings will help your company appear more trustworthy and strengthen your brand. The more keywords for which your customers can find you at page 1, the stronger your brand will be perceived.

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Is search engine optimisation a good idea for a B2B company?

In a large, international study, 89 % of B2B decision makers indicate that they find new suppliers online.
It is a widespread misunderstanding that the B2B segment has a strong initial preference for just one supplier. 71 % indicate that they start looking for a new supplier by searching for the product or service, and that they search online. That’s why it is essential for a company in the B2B market to have good rankings for brand related keywords as well as product/service level keywords.

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