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The best tool for taking advantage of the digital development

Why are we among the best at Google AdWords in Scandinavia?

In our opinion, Google AdWords is the most intelligent and cost-effective form of marketing you can buy. This means that it is nearly always possible to adjust the campaigns to give a reasonable return on investment.

Let Online-Results ensure a high return on your AdWords campaigns

We have a wide range of different price models – models that are carefully adjusted to your needs, budget and company. Contact us for a chat at +45 70 302 402.

One of the best and most experienced Google AdWords teams in the market

At Online-Results, we have gathered an outstandingly strong team of experienced AdWords specialists. Our team includes some of the greatest Scandinavian capacities in the field, whose knowledge in AdWords is beyond comparison. Contact us for a chat about how we can optimise your AdWords campaign or to learn more about which potential being visible on Google AdWords has for your company.

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  • Google AdWords done right

    Online-Results is a certified Google Partner. Being a Google Partner entails constantly keeping up to date with the numerous possibilities there are to make full use of Google AdWords’ potential. Our team of AdWords specialists are certified in Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Shopping Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising and Google Analytics.

  • Software use

    Many different programmes and services can be used advantageously to track potential, optimisation options and revenue opportunities. Online-Results uses the most intelligent and beneficial solutions for our customers. Among others, we work with Marin Software, Raven Tools etc. in order to create overview and clarify revenue opportunities for our customers.

  • We will help everyone

    We love to create success for, and thereby grow with, our customers. Our expertise and know-how make us one of the strongest partners in the Google AdWords market, regardless of the size of your company or line of industry. We create success for some of the largest brands in Scandinavia as well as small, local tradesmen. Regardless of industry, segment, target group and size of your business we can help you and your company to prosper with Google AdWords.

  • What do we work with?

    There are endless possibilities when it comes to optimising an AdWords campaign. The starting point for any AdWords partnership is to focus and prioritise in order to create the best possible ROI for you and your company.

  • Geography

    Online-Results investigates which parts of Scandinavia will give you most customers at the lowest prices. We will optimise your campaigns in order to make you visible in the areas where you will gain customers and prevent you from wasting your advertising budget in areas that will not provide a reasonable return.

  • Google rewards quality campaigns

    Google rewards quality campaigns – meaning well-written campaigns, where website, keywords and campaign texts harmonise. We are specialists in creating AdWords campaigns that score high with Google, which ensure our customers high positions at low prices.

  • Time

    You will often find that traffic in certain months, certain weeks, at certain weekdays and at certain times of day are worth more than others. We focus on identifying these times and optimising your campaigns accordingly.

  • Conversion optimisation

    The target for most businesses is to obtain the largest amount of customers at the lowest possible price per customer. We have great experience with and many possibilities for working with and valuating different goals on your website. For most customers conversion optimisation will be the central focal point when collaborating with Online-Results. However, there can be other goals such as information sharing, branding etc., with which we also have great experience.

  • Structure

    The success of your AdWords campaign largely depends on having the correct structure from the beginning. We ensure the optimal structure for your campaign, providing a good overview and the best possible starting point for optimisation opportunities.

  • Keywords – a good starting point

    Our great experience provides us with a unique insight into how a campaign should be composed based on best practice. We find the right keywords and ensure that your campaign includes the keywords that lead to sales. Insofar as it is possible, we also opt out of keywords that provide traffic, but no leads.

  • Ongoing keyword optimisation

    A large part of the ongoing optimisation is about working with and developing the keywords that create a return – as well as pausing and limiting the keywords that merely create traffic.

  • Position optimisation

    We examine given keywords in order to determine the optimal positioning for your company – in short, where you get most volume and revenue for your investment.

  • Optimisation of ad texts

    Some ad texts give your company the highest positions for the lowest possible cost, while others give you the most sales. We find the right solution for your company through ongoing optimisation and adjustment.

  • Mobile, desktop or tablet

    The type of unit that gives you the most customers for the lowest possible price depends on industry and target group. We focus on adjusting your campaigns towards the different units in order to provide you with the biggest return on investment.

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Landing page optimisation

It can vary greatly which of your website pages has most conversions and which message from your website best match potential customers and the AdWords campaigns. We focus on identifying and choosing the best and most converting landing pages for your campaigns. Online-Results also focus on conversion optimisation of websites and usability.


We examine whether returning customers have more or less value than new customers and adjust and optimise your campaigns accordingly.

Should you invest in Google AdWords?

The short answer is that you should work with AdWords if it is a good investment for your company. Luckily, there is an ocean of opportunities when it comes to tracking the effect of your AdWords campaign. It is our opinion that AdWords in most cases can be adjusted to be a profitable investment for your company.

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Cost effective marketing

Google AdWords is one of the most profitable types of marketing. The cost per customer is often significantly lower than when using other media. With Google AdWords, you target the customer at exactly the moment when he or she is looking for your product or service.

A conversion rate 1.5 times higher than organic results

Large studies show that when it comes to conversion rates, AdWords wins over organic traffic. This is largely because you can control both your message and which keywords you want visibility for.

Dynamic marketing

One of the great advantages of Google AdWords is that you can be online within a few minutes and likewise instantly pause the campaign again. This means that you can activate your campaign the minute your order book is empty, and when the calendar is full, you are just one click away from pausing your campaign. It is also possible to adjust the campaigns to focus on products or services with high profits or a large stock – or conversely minimise focus on products or services that are low in stock or have a low profit.

Contact us for a quote on Google AdWords

Our experienced consultants are ready to give you a quote on how we can achieve success for your company through Google AdWords – contact us at +45 70 302 402.

Google Partner

Google Partner

Online-Results A/S is a certified Google Partner

Who are we?

Online-Results A/S

We are a strong team of experts in digital marketing in Scandinavia. We take pride in keeping a sharp focus on our customers’ needs. Our unique knowledge ensures that your company succeeds online in Scandinavia.

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Why choose us?

  • We are one of the best and most experienced teams in Scandinavia
  • All your digital marketing with one agency
  • We are dedicated to create success for your business
  • We have a thorough knowledge of best practice across platforms and media

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We are ready to help you with all aspects of digital marketing. Contact us for a free quote at +45 72 402 402.

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