A unique opportunity to get ahead of the competition in Scandinavia

BING Ads – the most overlooked digital investment opportunity

Digital campaigns on Bing is a unique opportunity to make a sound investment and get one step ahead of your competitors in Scandinavia.
Bing is growing in USA and in our opinion; Bing is a well-functioning search engine. Since very few people have noticed the opportunities Bing has, it is often possible the buy top positions very cheaply – and furthermore, it is our experience that the campaigns convert better than Google AdWords campaigns.

Bing – a growing search engine

Last year Bing’s share of searches grew to cover approximately 20 % of all searches in USA.

Less competition and lower click prices

We have performed a number of tests of Bing’s advertising potential, and you can see three of the most remarkable cases below. These are examples of the key numbers for three keywords that are normally considered highly competitive. The comparison between the prices on Google AdWords and Bing Ads respectively show a remarkable difference: advertising on Bing is significantly cheaper – and the market share is larger.

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The best recommendation in digital marketing

on Bing

Bing gives you the best return pr. invested Danish crown
We expect to supply you with a lower click price than on Google AdWords as well as higher conversion rates – in short a far higher ROI compared to Google AdWords.

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Less competition = lower prices

When searching for nearly any given search term you will find a significantly lower amount of ads on Bing.

Lower competition will typically lead to lower prices pr. click. It is not unrealistic to expect a click price equivalent of app. 50 % of what you pay on Google. Below you will find three good examples of how lucrative an investment Bing can be compared to Google (Examples for Danish keywords and prices).


Moving Copenhagen

22.61 DKK CPC

2.13 % CTR


1.89 DKK CPC

8.82 % CTR


Roof renovation


3.04 % CTR


1.36 DKK CPC

2.56 % CTR


Floor sanding

16.76 DKK CPC

8.60 % CTR


3.39 DKK CPC

10.00 % CTR

Higher conversion rate at Bing

The conversion rate is generally higher on Bing. It is both our own experience, but also a tendency shown by larger, international studies. A large part of the explanation for the higher conversion rate is that there are simply fewer advertisers, which means that the likeliness of a potential customer choosing your company is higher.

According to comScore the users on Bing are typically 35+ and have a significantly larger spending power than the users on for example Google.

Bing hits the affluent "+35 segment"

One of the explanations for Bing being an extremely profitable investment is that the segment that typically use Bing has higher spending power. According to comScore the users on Bing are typically 35+ and have a significantly larger spending power than users on for example Google.

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Win market shares

According to comScore there were 5.2 million searches on Bing in Denmark alone last year, which corresponds to 1-3 % of the total search traffic – and that is quite a lot if you compare with any other media than Google.

Default search engine on Explorer, Skype, Xbox etc.

Bing is the standard search engine in Internet Explorer, which still is one of the most used browsers in Scandinavia. Furthermore, Bing is an integrated part of Windows, Skype, Xbox etc.

The traffic on Bing is increasing

Bing has officially announced that they had a 30 % growth in number of clicks last year. A large part of the growth came from mobile units, where the growth amounted to 133 %.

The significant growth on mobile is largely due to Microsoft’s own products such as Nokia, Surface etc. However, there is a huge potential for further growth on mobile in the future, since Apple in June this year announced that they will drop Google in favour of Bing – the same applies to Amazon’s new ‘Fire Phone’.

Strong on mobile units

This is a very interesting tendency, as online traffic is increasingly shifting to mobile units. If you advertise on Bing, you will reach anyone with a smart phone from Apple, Amazon and Windows.

Interesting partnerships

Apart from Apple and Amazon, Bing has also made partnerships with Yelp, Netflix, Facebook and Foursquare.

Online-Results is Bing certified

Online-Results has employees that are certified through Bing and have direct access to competent sparring and support at Bing.

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